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Digital inclusion is the mission of the Panapaná Institute.

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We are a Social Tech company focused on education.

The Instituto Panapaná is an organization that operates as a Social Tech, meaning it uses technology to generate positive and equitable social impact. This approach has gained prominence in recent times, becoming even more important to influence and accelerate social processes for the benefit of society. The solutions developed by Social Tech should be simple, easily applicable, and meet essential demands such as food, water, health, education, energy, among others.

Startups and companies that operate as Social Tech aim to bring convenience to people’s daily lives by optimizing the resolution of challenges and issues that affect quality of life and work. It is important to emphasize that social technology is developed specifically for each segment of society, considering their specific conditions and distinct challenges. On the other hand, public policies are intended for the entire population and are defined by the government to ensure the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Social technologies can be divided into two levels: physical social technologies and digital social technologies. The former have a broad social impact and do not require large equipment or resources. On the other hand, digital social technologies utilize the internet and the widespread use of smartphones to create platforms, software, and online tools to impact communities and promote awareness. The main objective of Social Tech is to use technology to solve social problems and thus generate positive and equitable social impact.

Yes, there is a difference between social technologies and public policies.

Yes, there is a difference between social technologies and public policies. Although the work of social technologies may have some similarities to public policies, the way they cause social impact is different. Social technologies are developed specifically for each layer of society, considering their particular conditions, which are not always similar. This does not mean that social technologies only serve poor or underdeveloped countries, as developed countries also face challenges and dilemmas.

The approach of social technologies represents a deeper analysis of the conventional model of technological development, which is not always available to everyone who needs it, in different levels of reality. The goal is to be more sustainable, supportive, empowered, and participatory, contributing to the evolution of society as a whole.

On the other hand, public policies aim to serve the entire population, regardless of gender, color, race, or religion. They are defined by programs or sets of social actions derived from the government to ensure the rights contained in the Constitution. Although social technologies and public policies may intersect at some point, they are not dependent on each other to promote a new level in the development of humanity and the use and application of technology.

Transforming society through education and technology

The popularization of the internet and smartphones has enabled remote work. Today, it is possible to live in the countryside of a country and work for a multinational company in Canada.

We believe that education is the key to transforming society, and that’s why we work to empower young people and prepare them for the job market, contributing to the social and economic development of their communities.

Through the creation of platforms, software, and online tools, they can impact communities, collectively raise awareness about various issues, and address problems around the world, whether they are small or gigantic, depending on their social level and position in society.

The goal of Instituto Panapaná is to transform society into a more inclusive place and share similar visions with other individuals through transparent communication and the sharing of knowledge.

For entrepreneurs who venture into this field, it is an opportunity to face challenges, assess their potential, and overcome barriers. After all, it is a fact that they will also benefit from the solution they create, as they are part of the world we live in.

Finally, supporting Instituto Panapaná is a way to contribute to a better future for the country. By investing in education and professional training, we are creating a virtuous cycle of social and economic development, where empowered young people can start businesses and generate jobs and income for their regions.

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