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About the Institute

The Instituto Panapaná is a Social Tech organization that aims to empower vulnerable groups in Marketing and Technology.

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Our goal is the professional development of our students, enabling them to enter the job market, as well as promoting social equity through technical qualification in strategic areas.

Based on this purpose, the Panapaná Institute is seeking support to make this training initiative possible, which focuses on the education of 2,000 vulnerable individuals in the first year, aiming to transform their lives through access to knowledge, skills, and employment opportunities. In this project, we present details about the methodology, target audience, schedule, and budget necessary for the implementation of this initiative.

Missão do Instituto Panapaná


To promote digital literacy by reducing the gap between vulnerable individuals and new technologies, fostering their inclusion in the job market, and contributing to the construction of a more equitable society.

Valores do Instituto Panapaná


  • Commitment to promoting social justice
  • Respect for diversity and appreciation of individual differences
  • Transparency and ethics in all actions and relationships
  • Innovation and constant pursuit of creative and efficient solutions
  • Collaboration and teamwork to achieve objectives
Visão do Instituto Panapaná


To be a reference in technical training and social inclusion through technology, promoting equal opportunities for underrepresented groups and contributing to the formation of a more diverse and inclusive society.

Our Team

Camila Siqueira

President of the Institute

Gi Santos

Director of Innovation and Products


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